Elephants (Loxodonta africana): World’s Most Magnificent Mammals

Many regions in Africa make great destinations to meet Elephants  (Loxodonta africana), one of the world’s greatest mammals. Elephants are the largest land animals found on Earth and they can grow up to 3m  in height and to 6,4m in length. Males can weigh up to 5, 000 kg and  females are smaller and can weigh up to 3, 000 kg.

In ancient cultures, elephants have been used as symbols for good luck, prosperity and fertility. In the Cederberg,South Africa, there is amazing rock paintings that portray the existence of elephants between 8 000 years to 100 to 200 years ago.

Rock paintings portraying Elephants

In certain parts of the world, it is possible to come close to this animal in its natural habitat, and this is the case of Kruger Park in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Just by looking at this elephant below, it is possible to see their impressive size and their remarkable intelligence particularly in terms of rituals, communication habits and magnificent sense of family ties have been appreciated by human beings for thousands of years.

In terms of senses, elephants have small eyes and they have limited and poor peripheral vision due to the size and position of their head and neck. Although they have a poor eye-sight, their sense of hearing is excellent and there are estimates that elephants can pick up on some sounds over very long distances. Elephants have a good sense of taste, their tongues are pink and long and they are highly discriminating in terms of what they eat. The elephant’s trunk is known to have many purposes: smelling, eating, picking things, making sounds and self-protection from potential dangers and it is described as an amazing weapon that is capable of killing.

Elephant in Kruger Park – 2012

Elephant populations are almost half of what they were 40 years ago. Although this is a very sensitive matter for conservationists, some parts of Africa have a really high number of elephants than populated areas can support. This is the case of Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are many organizations are involved in research of elephant behaviors, conservation of their habitats and finding sustainable solutions to make sure that human beings and elephants are able to co-exist peacefully in Africa.

Apart from conflicts with humans and habitat loss, ivory poachers are also a main threat to the elephant populations. These animals have been around for a long time and their place on Earth has should be secured.

My name is SeaShell and I am a big fan of elephants. Not so long ago, I touched a baby elephant, the cutest little thing with very tough skin. It was an amazing experience. They are kind animals. Elephant sanctuaries are amazing places anywhere in the world. Some of the elephants in these sanctuaries are very naughty and sometimes when your not looking, they steal a kiss from you. I just described why elephants are one of the world’s magnificent mammals and for all of the above reasons I think we should protect them.

I believe that whether you are a nature enthusiast or a wildlife dreamer, I promise to take you on exciting journeys around the world. Enjoy the little things in life!


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